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tv   NBC Bay Area News  NBC  July 31, 2012 12:00am-12:35am PDT

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>> a record win is under scrutiny after a chinese woman swam her final lap faster than even american star ryan lochte. now questions are coming fast and furious. water temperature stopping short of calling for a doping investigation. >> we have team coverage tonight. we begin with raj mathai with the latest on this emerging olympic scandal. good morning to you, raj. >> reporter: good morning. this was the deal with the olympics. it is part of the olympic experience when we talk about drug use and doping. the headlines here tuesday morning in london. i'll bring up the times of london newspaper. the chinese swimmer saying i'm clean. the american swim officials are pointing fingers at the chinese. not only does she win in the 400-meter medley but she shattered the record. her final 50 meters, she swam
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faster than ryan lochte and michael phelps. she deny all allegations the american officials, the head of the american swimming coach's association says flatly, her performance is unbelievable, disturbing and does not add up. so this controversy will continue in the days to come. the other hot topic here tuesday morning, what is with the empty seats here at the olympic games? british soldiers, yes, british soldiers are actually now being used as seat fillers. this has been an embarrassing story for the london game. a lot of corporate seats are going unused. a few hours from now, how about this? they'll release a batch of tickets and sell them to the general public. all those seats that were supposed to be sold out are now available. if you can get a in it to heathrow airport, do it from sfo. tickets are available here at the olympics. one of the big stories locally for a local bay area olympians, a lot of the hype goes to the swimmers.
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this might be the most significant story thus far for the bay area and really team usa. at least one of them. we're talking about marty malloy. for only the second time in american history, an american woman has won a medal in judo. amazing to see this. she trains and lives at san jose, went to san jose state. won her judo competition and won the bronze medal. this 26-year-old we caught up for so long. >> a little surreal for me. i surprised myself in the final. it is happiness and unbelievableness. it feels really good. >> reporter: it feels great. a big accomplishment and a rare accomplishment for marti malloy. san jose state, it might be surprising to you, but is a judo hot bed. not just in the bay area. not just in america but across the world.
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let's bring in now nbc bay area cheryl hurd who joins with us some very happy people in san jose. >> reporter: her training partner told me tonight that he was hoping for the gold but he said bronze is just as sweet. judo champion marti malloy put san jose state on the map in 2012. >> it's amazing. words can't describe the feelings that go into this. i mean, how much work and time and preparation. >> reporter: that preparation paid off for 26-year-old judo champion marti malloy. her san jose state coaches, teammates and training partner cheering her on during the live coverage of the olympic competition monday morning. they came together to watch the olympic competition monday with team malloy on their mind. >> i know how good she is. it is just awesome to be able to see, you know, her do this on
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the world stage. >> reporter: malloy has been developing her moves and strengths since she was 6 years old. >> i knew she would do well. >> reporter: they are her coaches. >> every little step she took. every little move she did. i was just like -- in the throw she did at the end. >> reporter: that was her match ending throw that won her the bronze medal. >> i really wish she was in the finals, you know. in the semifinals. but hey. a medal is a medal. and she deserves it more than anybody else. >> reporter: in san jose, cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> reporter: okay. from san jose back here live to london. an amazing story for marti malloy. a lot of happy people in san jose and a lot of happy people with friends and family here in london as well. just ahead of the newscast, we'll talk about nervous parents. do you think your athletes are nervous? how about if you're a parent of an athlete? we'll check in with jordyn
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wieber's mother, the gymnast. she talks about her superstitions and her nerves before her daughter competes. for all the parents out there, this is a nice story. we'll see you in 10 or 15 minutes. >> thank you very much. we'll see you in a bit. the olympic cauldron is burning bright in london but that was not the case last night. in a major break from tradition, the cauldron was temporarily extinguished so organizers could move it to a more prominent location in another part of the statement. but they say they kept it burning in a lantern. here's an up to the minute count. the utah and china are tied with the -- the united states and china are tied. china does have more gold medals than the u.s. japan has 11 medals and italy checks in with eight. speaking of medals, michael phelps will go for his 18th olympic medal tuesday when he
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races in the 200 meter butterfly finals. that would put phelps in some very rare company tying him with the gymnast for most career olympic medals. the now 77-year-old gymnast that she might even watch phelps try to make history tomorrow. he holds the world record of the butterfly event and the two-time champion. he has a really good chance. for more on the olympics, including how michael phelps is still looming large, go to nbc bay area and scroll down to the london 2012 section. >> okay. switching gears, we'll talk about lead. it can be extremely toxic to your body. we've heard about lead, paint, even candy. more items you wouldn't expect. in shoes and your purses. the center for environmental health tested hundreds of handbags from the bay area's most popular stores and found high levels of lead in purses and wallets. nbc bay area investigator asked
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why these products are still being sold and why you cannot always test the warning labels. >> tags like this are showing up in purses, backpacks, shoes to name a few. you might not even notice them. the tags warn us the items may contain lead or other chemicals known to cause cancer. as we learned, the labels can be confusing. inle cases, they're missing from the products with the highest amounts of lead. >> do you know what it means? >> do you read the labels a lot? do you know what they mean? >> we asked shoppers at dd's discounts and big lots about these warning labels. >> have you seen it before? >> reporter: the tags are attached to purses and shoes sold at dds and sandals sold at big lots. california's prop 65 requires businesses to notify customers about, quote, significant chemicals in the products they purchase. for these bags and sandals, the fine print warns people the
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items may contain lead. a chemical known to cause cancer and birth defects. the shoppers we watched didn't notice the warnings. so we bought some of the bags and sandals and took them to a state certified lead assessor for testing. >> this reads through the pigment. >> reporter: more on those results in a moment. >> we want this problem to be taken care of. >> reporter: carolyn is the director of research for the center for environmental health. they are trying to lose the labels and the lead all together. in 2010 they scored a legal victory getting hundreds of brands to agree to limit lead in their products to 300 parts per million. in a recent investigation, the staffer found much higher amounts of lead in bags sold at one in four stores they visited and they found the bags with the most lead had no warning labels. >> is it cheaper to make these items with these chemical? >> we have seen purses at all different price levels that contain lead. >> reporter: cdc studies have
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linked lead to infertility, impaired mental function. they said in purses, the lead is usually found in the brightly colored pigments in the top layer of the material. >> all day long you're carrying your purse, oipgt, closing it. every time touch it a small amount of that lead gets on your fingers. imagine yourself eating a potato chip or putting on some lip balm. that lead is going into you. >> reporter: remember the bag we bought? the red purse. >> 552 parts per million. >> the black purse. and the pink sandal. above 300 parts per million. all of the items had warning labels that said the items may contain lead or other cancer causing chemical. >> this can be very confusing. >> yes. she is livid these products are still being sold. >> i didn't even realize the label was there until i got home. >> reporter: why are these
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products still on store stefls in in part, there is no guideline for how much lead is allowed in something like a purse or a pair of shoes. >> even though the consumer product safety commission regulations don't currently extend to those handbags, they probably should. >> the toxicologist says it is unclear how much is too much when it come to lead exposure. he said eating or breathing the metal is thought to be more dangerous than touching it. >> if you can avoid it, you should. there is no safe exposure for a lot of these things. >> big lots did not respond to our request for comment. a spokesman for dd's tells us it requires them to comply withstand dards and is look sboo the issue and it will keep selling the items in question. the company is part of agreement with ceh to limit lead in products. for shopper charlotte, even a trace am of lead is too much. >> we have to be as careful as we can. >> if you have questions about a product you bought, you can get it tested for free at the center
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for environmental health in oakland. the details are on our website. and there is also a link to the top ten brands. they are brand names you will recognize. reporting live, nbc bay area news. >> that is a stunner when you see those bags. coming up, witnesses to a party. >> how can i help you? he said my girlfriend is dead. my girlfriend is dead. >> find out what else they saw in the aftermath. plus, police say a fight online over an x-box escalated into a stabbing. good evening. i'm jeff ranieri. we're tracking plenty of heat that we had today that yes, will be ling entering into tomorrow's forecast. one of the hottest number, livermore at 98. here's a sneak peek for some of you in the south bay. mid 80s by the noon hour. this is the plan for back to school.
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more details on a deadly party bus crash over the week while investigators try to figure out how a post concert party took a very wrong turn. tonight a witness describes the horrific and chaotic scene for the very first time. nbc bay area, art you areo is live on the case. >> reporter: natasha nolan worked here at the surf shop that her parents owned in santa cruz. her co-workers are still too distraught to talk about her on camera but we did talk to the couple who stop to help right after those two young women fell >> in the darkness, i see somebody waving their arms.
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like slow down or come at me. >> reporter: the family was on their way home from the same concert as the people on the party bus. they were the first ones on the scene after two young women had fallen out of the moving bus. >> i see this boy. he is lifting this body. and i say how can i help you? and he said my girlfriend is dead. >> reporter: her parents own the pacific wave surf shop in santa cruz. but the focus shifts to the injured girl. >> i had the sweatshirt. i flipped it over my head and i laid it on her. her head was facing the freeway. and i'm down there, what's your -- looking at her. 911 is coming. >> reporter: it turns out his own daughter knows the girl who tried to tell them what happened. >> all that of a sudden she felt her hair being pulled and she was pulled out. this is what she said. she said, all of a sudden her hair was being pulled and they tumbled out. >> reporter: in the meantime, rich is observing the other people on the party bus.
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he says some things were obvious. >> there was a lot of under age kids around there that, you know, they were all messed up. it was like a safe haven for these kids to go and party. without any repercussions. >> the chp says everyone on that party bus except for the driver was drunk. assemblyman jerry hill does have penning legislation that would curtail underage drinking on party buses. he expects that to be in front of them in mid-august and then to the governor. he said if that legislation had been active, this tragedy might have been avoided. live in santa cruz, nbc bay area news. >> thank you so much for the update. the man accused of kidnapping and killing 15-year-old sierra lamar is due in court tomorrow. that's when he is set to be arraigned. garcia torres has been in jail since may. the spokesperson for the lamar
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said the family won't be in court because they don't want to hear him say the words, not guilty. sierra's body has yet to be found. a disagreement over a video game turns violent in the east bay with the teen being stab repeatedly. investigators say a 17-year-old showed up at a house in oakley with a gun this afternoon looking for his 20-year-old friend. the victim's mother said he fired the 21 and then proceeded to stab him numerous times. >> i said get out of my house. he pushed past me. he had the gun aimed at me and shot at my son. he came downstairs, and ran back. >> emergency crews took him to the local hospital. luckily most of the wounds were superficial. investigators say they were in their respective homes playing online when the argument broke
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out. they are not saying which game they were playing. >> stick it! >> those are ally raisman's parents. their every twitch, move and reaction just priceless as they practically perform ally's routine from the stands. they said they had no idea the cameras were watching them. our own raj mathai joins us live from london. anybody with kids in sports can so relate to the raismans. watching them, we were getting nervous on how they were doing. >> reporter: everyone is a nervous wreck. you can spot the olympic parents from a mile away. they're walking around a little sheepishly. they're nervous. you cannot blame them. their sons and daughters are on the international stage. tonight we catch one a gymnast
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and a san francisco fencer. life moves fast at the olympics. but underneath all the pageantry is parenthood. >> we're having a great time! >> reporter: there's a difference between these parents and these parents. olympic parents aren't here to see the sights. instead, a parade of the gods. >> i have to find a church. whatever town we're in for a middle east i go there every day and do some thank you prayers and some help jordyn be healthy prayers. >> reporter: jordyn as in jordyn wieber. >> i went to westminister abby yesterday and lit a candle. >> reporter: san francisco dad greg doesn't just pray for his son. he coaches him. >> i keep a pretty good balance. i feel like all my students, i keep a pretty clear picture. on the ship, he is the student and then when he come off the ship, the mask come off and i'm
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the dad. >> he kind of takes on separate roles as to when he is coaching me. having me as two different roles i trust completely. it is an incredible feeling. >> reporter: dad, a two-time olympian. alex making his olympic debut. and there could be another in the fencing mix. my sister is coming up as well. she's 3 years younger and hopefully she'll be up for rio. >> that would be great. >> reporter: rio is the site of the next olympics. first things first. we're 2012. ales competes about two hours from now in fencing. it is quite a scene to see all the parents here. when we talk about your daughters competing, you're a nervous wreck in the newsroom. i know what you're going through. >> i know. i got a lecture this week about not cheering from the sidelines. then we watched the raismans. see? i'm not the only one.
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let's check on the forecast. very sunny today. >> the temperature in the upper 90s. even close to 100 degrees. right now what we're finding is this trend is continually keeping this marine layer way out of the coastline at this point. very calm winds and san francisco, a seven-mile-per-hour wind. the fog will have a hard time building back at least over the next three to four hours. we have 58 in san francisco. a mild east bay. livermore to pleasanton. let's take you out to the network. you will see the fog has not made it over to oakland. again, at best, we are looking for some patchy fog. let's take you to the olympic cauldron. i just saw raj mathai there. it looks like a lot less in terms of flames. it is daytime. you can see it there just above all the torches. they do have some showers they'll be contending with but that flame is weather proof.
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what we'll find is this area of high pressure that we had. it is just a little bit stronger and moving a little bit closer. that will be good enough in the next 48 to 72 hours to see some of the hottest weather we've had in over a week. we will get in on a few 70s. for those interior valleys, 80s to 90s. by wednesday, we're talking about mid 90s inland and the chance of a few triple digits. we'll get some nice recovery in those overnight hours. 54 in santa rosa. just over 64 in livermore. 60 in san jose. and daytime highs expected to top out tuesday just about where they were today. 91 in los gatos. a nice cool breeze at time in palo alto. 92 in danville. 91 in dublin. back to the castro valley. 70s by hayward. for san francisco, yes, we'll get into the 70s.
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close to 80 in oakland. your forecast tomorrow, that will be sailing. some showers lingering. temperature a lot cooler than this time last week and we'll get into this trend. by wednesday we'll have some sunshine and low 70s. another chance of showers on thursday and then another chance for friday. very typical, of course, for london. and did you know, let's look at the sailing day was on in the 9,900 olympics. and there were three sailors competing in lob. go, paige and go, san francisco. in the seven-day forecast, you can see the number will stay8i t as we head through the next couple of days and a little bit of cooling by this upcoming weekend. cheering is good. i can see you on the side line. >> i'm also here when you're doing the weather. >> be right back. ♪
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opening statements begin tornl in a smartphone face-off between apple and sam sung. today the jury was selected for the san jose courtroom. apple is suing samsung accusing the company of off its popular ipad and iphone. samsung downered said apple is the one ripping them off since it didn't jump into business until 2007. apple is demanding $2.5 billion in damages and an injunction barring samsung from selling its galaxy tablet. a big part of san francisco got busier and traffic won't let up for five years. today crews shut down stock tan from ellis to geary as they work on the central subway project. the plan is to create a new branch of muni.
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. welcome back to the xfinity sports decks.
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after being swept by the dodgers including shutout losses on saturday and sunday, the giants were in desperate need of a win. not just for the standings but psychologically as well, too. welcome the mets. 3 and 13, game tied at 6-6. scott hairston homers to left. his second home run of the night. the mets are on top 7-6. bottom ten now. giants down 8-6. nate here is holds singles to left. ryan theriot scores. the giants only down by one run. next batter. brannon belt. has a chance to be a hero. it is late. it is cold. and the ball is just not going to get there. the giants lose their fifth straight game. 8-7, the final. >> at love thing happening in that game. little things. we swung the bats better. we made some mistakes and they came back to get us. but they battled hard.
12:29 am
i mean, you give up the lead like that. you came right back and got a couple. they had a chance at the en. they didn't quit. >> thanks for joining us on the xfinity sports desk. jessica and janelle will be back after this.
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did you catch it? that was the heavyweight evander holyfield. the champ mentioned it saying the "today" show did not interview me and did not know who i was. he followed it up by acknowledging, there was no way they could have known who i was. i was in disguise. it was all fun. >> i thought it was obvious. >> i kind of recognized him right away. >> i don't know. that's just us. right? >> it can be confusing. good night.
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welcome back to continuing coverage of the games of the xxx olympiad from our studios in london, mary carillo. >> an area view of east london's arena, home of the gymnastics competition throughout these games. tonight, everyone, welcome to olympic late night. on tonight's show, we drop in for a chat and later on, whitewater canoeing, but right now it's swimming. china's ye shiwen, a 16-year-old phenom already has gold in the 400 im and she dominated the early morning heat. th


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